Lines in the Sand

Migaloo Press

  Installation by Shane Thompson Architects, dancer Jan Baker Finch and photograph by Josephine Ellis (   June 27, 2014)

While exploring the unique ecology of Quandamooka Country (Moreton Bay) you can immerse yourself in making nature art with Migaloo Press.

Canaipa Mudlines

Canaipa Mudlines extends the art and environment program of Lines in the Sand to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Canaipa (Russell) Island is the starting point for a traversal of this region through responsive and ephemeral art interventions. 

Canaipa Island hugs the western side of Minjerriba and is characterised by a range of mangrove species, littoral stretches, vast wetlands and casuarina groves. The monthly Mudlines excursions explore each of these regions forming the contents of this blog.