Craig Tapp


Tappy is of Noonuccal, and Ngugi descent. His most recent paintings on canvas are about the marine animals of Quandamooka (Moreton Bay). His jewellery design uses traditional and contemporary mediums such as local seed, bone and shell.

Tappy has been creating site specific ephemeral sand art installations in the landscapes of North Stradbroke Island beaches working closely with Lines In The Sand Festivals since 2011. Craig Tapp (known as Tappy) is a descendant of the Aboriginal people of the Moreton Bay Region, Quandamooka Yulu Burri Ba – ‘place of the people of land and sea’.

Tappy is of Noonuccal and Ngugi descent descent and lives on Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island. He is an artist of many talents; his acrylic canvas work, jewellery design using Dugong bone, black coral, coloured sands, pipi shells, quompie shells, seeds, and echidna quills gathered and collected from island beaches, mangroves, sands and sea of Quandamooka, Moreton Bay. These natural materials are precious and Tappy makes limited edition jewellery items and the making of each piece is a spiritual experience – strengthening his connection to his Country, people and cultural.

Please visit or ring 0417 725 110