Wild Flowers

“1920┬áThe Girls’ Friendly Society of Morningside came to Russell Island to give a concert, after which the young women collected wildflowers from Turtle Swamp. The islands were well known for their beautiful wildflowers, which were displayed each year on a flower stand at the Brisbane Exhibition.”

A Short History of the Bay Islands (Russell, Karragarra, Lamb and Macleay) by Joanne Hackett. 2009


Mixed Media Drawings

Mixed media drawings from Rocky Point, Sandy Beach and Turtle Swamp Wetlands Canaipa (Russell Island) by Jo Fay Duncan.

Checker Board Island

1970’s Russell Island was mapped out like a checker board of residential size blocks. Cheap land was sold by flyovers, which tidal waters subsumed. Mangrove enclaves were sold as exclusive property on waters edge. To this day property remains rock bottom.