“Save Straddie” a morphing campaign

Save Straddie Facebook page had its origins in the heat of struggle to end mining February 2011. With announcements later that year about minings end there are new issues afoot with tensions about how the native title corporation is handling the economic transition and budget away from mining. To this end the ‘about’ Save Straddie Facebook page has been expanded.

“Save Straddie works towards ending all sand mining, ensuring Sibelco properly rehabilitates mined land and protecting Stradbroke from other threats” retrieved May 9, 2019.

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The character of protest on the island is filled with colour, contrast and contradictions. 2019 has seen the rise of an anti whale interpretative centre being built at the Point Lookout Headland,

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 10.26.04 amhttps://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/queensland-government/stradbroke-island-whale-centre-unveiled-for-public-feedback/news-story/9b1d66d1aee773fc48b73a3cd12f1fe5?fbclid=IwAR3ieledsqLdXnj1gQY7u8kbNqA7xFi43gpRptP96E8DHaFHXxWTtNWHda4

This was followed by a May 6 gathering at Adams Beach again with the poster branding of Save Straddie. A new Facebook page has weighed into the visual info sphere namely  Voices of Terangeri started January 16, 2019 with powerful insites and criticisms of pro-develoment activities from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal camps.

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Singing Up Spirit of the Land + Healing Country

Rejuvenating Spirit of the Land Installation 2019








Islands of Innocence Installation 2018

Islands of Innocence invitation

Deep sea cinematography by Dave Hannan, film edit by Toni Houston and music by Leon Nette https://youtu.be/v1V03Hx8nlg.

Full exhibition statement visit https://linesinthesandminjerribah.com/islands-of-innocence/

Counter-Mapping the Islands

“Long before the sails of the first English ships cast their tall shadows on our shores in 1788 we were a thriving culture with our own customs, laws and beliefs” Uncle Bob Anderson.

Counter-mapping creates new and alternative knowledge about the world and denounces dominant representations (Bruno, Didier, & Vitale, 2014, Milan & van der Velden, 2016). It is a way through which ‘deep, spatial knowledge of a people, place and time is shared and communicated’ (Bryan & Wood, 2015, p. 179).


Bruno, I., Didier, E., & Vitale, T. (2014). Statactivism: Forms of action between disclosure and affirmation. Partecipazione e Conflitto: The Open Journal of Sociopolitical Studies. PACO, Issue, 7(2), 198–220.

Bryan, J., & Wood, D. (2015). Weaponizing maps: Indigenous peoples and counterinsurgency in the Americas. New York: The Guildford Press.

Arts + Environment/Culture + Country

Lines in the Sand Ecological Arts Festivals, it’s artists, environmental art installations, residencies, festivals (2011-14)  and research from the island of Minjerriba (North Stradbroke Island), Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) are archived here.

Lines in the Sand itself is a multi-year artful response to native title determinations on Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island and subsequent plans to end sand-mining on the island.

Jo Fay Duncan

Artist Curator Collaborator