Canaipa Mud Lines

Unlikely collaborators gather once a month on Canaipa to make art with that which can be found; mud, stick, petal, pod, stone and feather. Artwork pictured here is by Trish Dobson, Hollie, Sharon Jewell and photographs by Jo Kaspari. For more galleries visit


Travel to and from the islands is by vehicle ferry or water taxi from jetties at Victoria Point to Coochiemudlo Island; Toondah Harbour, Cleveland to Minjerriba; Wienam Creek to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

Yura Yalingbila

Whale Welcoming ceremony today at the Headland, Mooloomba (Point Lookout), Minjerriba is part of the Quandamooka Festival. Auntie Maree Goebel talked about looking, listening and hearing all that is around you and respecting that this Quandamooka Country.

Ana Mendieta

On location at Canaipa, artist Sharon Jewell spoke yesterday about how ‘there was no more to do’. The artfullness of the moment was perfect; the sand, sea, leaves and birdsong.

She talked about Cuban born artist Ana Mendieta’s work who “occupies the indeterminate space between land, body and performance art”… “Her haunting imagery explores the relationship between earth and spirit while tackling the eternally plaguing questions of love, death and rebirth”

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Spi/ritual, haunting, between heaven and earth, flesh and fauna is the space art exists.

Jack Died

Jack died. We chartered a path for his souls journey from the mainland through the Bay with eucalyptus leaves and blossoms from Namdeebie. Guiding lights from the island starboard and portside.

Mud Rising in Moreton Bay

The University of Queensland‘s Mud Rising in Moreton Bay study undertook the most comprehensive sediment survey across Moreton Bay to establish current sediment distribution within the Bay and Northern Banks.

The study assessed 223 sites across 2,000 km2 of waterways for sediment particle size distribution and mud content ranging from the top of the Pumicestone Passage down to the mouth of the Nerang River.

Results from the study will allow researchers and catchment managers to better understand current monitoring data and inform future remedial management actions”.

Image and words retrieved July 11, 2016

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Quandamooka Festival, Minjerriba (North Stradbroke Island)

Now in it’s third year the Quandamooka Festival is an important celebration of culture and country. 2011 was the year Native Title was recognised for the Quandamooka people under Anna Bligh’s government. The LNP and Campbell Newman extended the allowed period for mining until 2035. Anna Bligh was invited to speak at the welcome ceremony on Sunday, and talked about Quandamooka’s High Court challenge to reinstate labour policy to end Sibelco’s large Enterprise mine in 2019, with rehabilitation to continue beyond that.

This image from the Redland City Bulletin shows Anne Walker former Queensland Government minister, Deputy Premier Jackie Tradd, former State Premier Anna Bligh and Minister for Housing Leeanne Enoch. July 2, 2016 saw Linda Jean Burney, the first Aboriginal person elected to serve in the New South Wales Parliament . 

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Rocky Point, Canaipa (Russell Island) June 16

Canaipa is the Aboriginal name for Russell Island. In story retold by Joshua Walker, grandson of Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccul custodian of  the Land Minjerribah the island was known as a man’s island and the trees used to make spears.

Beneath the red rocks and mangrove stems, white clay can be found at the Rocky Point of the island which opens up to the west and mainland.

South Eastern Littoral, Canaipa (Russell Island)

A gathering of artful souls, met on the Russell Island May 17 for inaugral Canaipa Mud Lines.

‘Canaipa Mud-lines extends the art in environment programme to the Southern Moreton Bay island region. Canaipa island (also known as Russell Island) is the starting point for a traversal of this region through art in the environment interventions. Canaipa Island hugs the western side of Minjerriba (North Stradbroke Island) and is characterised by a range of mangrove species,  vast wetlands and littoral stretches. The creative outcomes from these monthly excursions will form the contents of this page’.